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The Power of One

In a millennial market that is seemingly dominated by fragmentation and chaos, Scott Gerson, President of Focus Capital Markets, triumphantly proves the Power of One – one unified approach to hiring in Wall Street and Technology. Longevity, commitment, and the ability to see the whole picture have catapulted Focus Capital to its position of unprecedented leadership in the industry.

Scott Gerson’s wizardry comes from acknowledging that today’s successfully placed candidates become tomorrow’s hiring decision-makers. The client is both the applicant and the company. They merge into one, trusting Focus Capital on both sides of the hiring fence post. Recognizing the Power of One engenders trust across the board – and trust is the linchpin of Focus Capital’s unbridled success. So many other executive recruitment firms lack the vision to think long-term, conveniently choosing short-term profits instead. However, assessing what is best for everyone concerned defines Focus Capital’s modus operandi. As Scott Gerson explains:

“Our clients trust so deeply that they often put key strategic staffing and planning decisions in our hands. Of course, we don’t just look to fill openings. We may even make recommendations that reduce the amount of business a client is giving us in the present because we clearly see a more economical and effective way for him to accomplish his goals with less people.”

Focus Capital clients trust Scott and his superior staff to cultivate in-depth relationships with all of their applicants. Accordingly, companies do not have to explain ad nauseum who and what they need, and they never have to worry about wasting even one hour of their time with someone who is not the right fit.

Candidates trust Focus Capital to advise and manage their careers in ways that truly serve their best interests. Because of the close relationships between Focus Capital and its client companies, Scott is able to brainstorm directly with managers and great matches result consistently – matches that transcend individual short-term needs and ensure the best outcomes for all concerned. Thus, the Power of One triumphs yet again, guaranteeing Focus Capital Markets’ consistent leadership among New York’s top international trading and technology executive search firms.