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Scott Gerson, New York’s true ‘Renaissance Man,’ world renowned Executive Search Counselor, author, and motivational speaker, has a blueprint for living a fulfilling life from ages 60 to 100.

Don’t reinvent yourself, learn how to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Scott will share with you his insights about how life is just getting started in his 60s and provide you with the financial knowledge to have the security that you’ll never outgrow your money.

As they say “60 is the new 40,” well welcome to Scott’s world: where “100 will be the new 60.”


News: Scott Gerson To Appear on VoiceAmerica’s Turn the Page w/ Hemda Mizrahi

On Friday, December 4th, Scott Gerson will appear as a guest on Turn the Page with Hemda Mizrahi.  The show will be broadcast exclusively on VoiceAmerica Business at 9 AM Eastern / 6 AM Pacific.

UPDATE: Listen to the show in its entirety by clicking this link.

See below for more information on December 4th’s broadcast:

The New 100: Fulfillment and Financial Security from Ages 60 to 100
In his upcoming book, “The New 100: A Revolutionary Guide for Living for Ages 60 to 100,” executive search entrepreneur, career strategist, and professional trader Scott Gerson offers a blueprint for living a fulfilling life. Scott suggests that “100 can be the new 60.” His advice is to “escape the retirement quagmire” and “become the person you’ve always wanted to be.” Acknowledging the role of healthy finances in supporting personal freedom, Scott will provide you with strategies to achieve and sustain financial security now and in your later years.