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Senior Hedge Fund Developers

For 45 years, Focus Capital has been the leader in Wall St. Technology. Our hedge fund division is
seeing unprecedented growth this year and our 4th quarter returns have been setting records. Most
of our funds are upgrading all of their technology for 2021 and we are adding 65 new developer jobs for
assorted new roles including, Java, Big Data, React, Angular, C#, Python, and the Cloud.

To apply or for more information, email your resume to with your name and the position with which you are interested in the subject line.

We are hiring:
 Java developers with front or back office expertise.
 Data Engineers, with Big Data, Data Warehousing and/or Java SQL development
 C#/Angular developers
 Java Fixed Income Risk Mgmt. developers
 Junior Java developers for Systematic trading

We are hiring both full/time or consultants and are open to either.

We expect our requirements to grow well into the second quarter, so reach out even if you can’t start
immediately, we’ll wait.

Focus Capital Markets, for 45 years “Where Wall St. and Technology Meet.”

We are a proponent of diversity and encourage diversity hiring.

At Focus Capital Markets, we believe in efficiency. Rather than requesting you complete a time-consuming application, we simply ask you to email your resume to our firm with your name and the position with which you are interested in the subject line.

Compensation at Focus Capital is always the highest in the industry. Our developers average $200,000 and many make considerably more.  Apply now for consideration or email for more information.