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Scott Gerson is the President of Focus Capital Markets and one of the most influential figures in the world of financial technology.

Over 35 years ago, Scott Gerson pioneered the field of Financially Oriented Information Systems by bringing top academic talent together with the leading investment and brokerage houses on Wall Street. With a vision that foretold the exponentially increased productivity that would accompany technological growth, Gerson helped create the niche market for financial technologists. The mathematicians, physicists and other out of work Ph.D’s that Gerson introduced to Wall Street became the original architects of the financial industry’s information systems. These technology professionals are now the CIOs and I/S Managers of many of the industry’s leading firms. Executives administrating systems with transactions topping billions daily continue to acknowledge Gerson for giving them their starts, and for guiding their incredibly successful careers.

Despite multi-million dollar accounts that constantly demand his attention, Gerson still makes time to speak with candidates and lend a helping hand to assist in making crucial career decisions.

“I know that I regularly give away advice and consultation that ‘for hire’ career counselors charge for. If a technical candidate comes to me for help, my first mission is to do just that – help them. All my business – both from clients and candidates – is founded on a relationship of trust and service. The bottom line is that is just good business all around. Employers and candidates alike know that I am looking out for their best interests.”

Scott Gerson possesses an unprecedented understanding of the financial technology marketplace, a savvy instinct for trends and movements, and a compassionate, empowering demeanor that has earned him the business and respect of Wall Street’s most highly regarded firms and executives.

Ask Scott why The_Best_Qualified_Candidate_Doesn’t_Always_Get_the_Job. (Article by Scott Gerson)

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