Focus Capital Markets has come a long way since its inception in 1976 as an Executive Search Firm specializing in Information Technology. Focus Capital’s uncanny ability to consistently predict market trends has secured its position as one of the most sought after career consulting firms on Wall Street.

Through the bold leadership of its president, Scott Gerson, Focus Capital has succeeded in becoming one of New York’s leading international trading & technology executive search firms. Focus Capital has introduced to Wall Street many of the world’s foremost mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists. These qualified experts pioneered the wide variety of derivative fixed income and equity securities that dominate trading in today’s marketplace, both in New York and abroad. In fact, Focus Capital was one of the first technological recruitment firms to acknowledge and facilitate the globalization of financial markets by exporting American talent to London and the Far East. Focus Capital continues to act as a special hiring adviser to many of the world’s leading Hedge Funds.

In addition, Focus Capital created and featured in an extremely popular column on employment in Wall Street and Technology Magazine, providing insight on topics including overseas employment, the over-40 job market, and some of the most notorious derivative trading scandals.

As a result of its honesty, integrity and dedication, Focus Capital has secured consistent repeat business with many of the world’s leading financial institutions for over thirty-five years. An exponentially growing network of successful clients continues to consult Scott Gerson for both hiring needs as well as ongoing career guidance. Consistently ensuring the right result for everyone involved has catapulted Focus Capital Markets to its current position of trust, industry leadership, and expertise.